Annual Campaign

Giving and receiving meaningfully

The Annual Campaign is an investment in our community, in its present and in its future. As the primary fundraising vehicle for all of The Associated’s agencies and programs, we cannot overestimate its importance. It is the heart and soul of our philanthropic and humanitarian activities, enabling us to build and strengthen Jewish community. From summer camps that build lifelong skills to supportive networks that help seniors live with grace and dignity, your one gift to the Annual Campaign, makes an impact in the lives of many.

A gift to the Annual Campaign embodies the phrase “kol areyvim zeh b’zeh” — all Jews are responsible one for the other — and makes you an important part of the collective strength of our community.

There is greater strength in greater numbers

The Annual Campaign is the most efficient and effective way to collect and harness our community’s precious resources. An annual campaign enables The Associated to plan ahead and invest wisely in our future, as well as immediately provide resources for emergent and changing needs.


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