Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership

Binding our hearts and minds to Israel

The Associated’s commitment to connecting Jews in Baltimore with Jews in Israel reaches its apex with the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership. Ashkelon has been our sister city since 2003, and not surprisingly, the needs of the vulnerable Jews in Ashkelon are similar to the needs of vulnerable Jews in Baltimore. Our two communities have been intimately involved in planning for and meeting those needs together, both here and there. Planning in both cities happens in parallel — with committees of lay-leaders and professionals meeting once a year to determine mutual priorities.

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Ties of Jewish Identity

The sister-city relationship provides a wonderful opportunity for Baltimoreans and Ashkelonim to explore Jewish identity and volunteerism together, bonding with their brothers and sisters overseas about issues of shared concern. Young Ashkelonim come to Baltimore to enjoy the variety of Jewish experiences in this diaspora. Each year, more than 1,000 Baltimoreans visit Ashkelon through The Associated, including teens and young adults, as part of a leadership development program.

About Ashkelon

Ashkelon is a coastal city with almost 8 miles of beautiful beaches on the Mediterranean Sea, 44 miles from Jerusalem and 32 miles from Tel Aviv. Ashkelon is rich with archaeological sites - you can see archaeological remains in the Ashkelon National park, in Afridar Center courtyard, and at numerous sites all over the city. Ashkelon has a number of hotels, a marina with restaurants and nightlife hotspots and a scenic clifftop promenade overlooking the sea.

With a population of 128,000 and growing, Ashkelon is a hub of Southern Israel. 40% of Ashkelon’s residents are recent immigrants from the former Soviet Union, Ethiopia, France and beyond.

Volunteer in Ashkelon

Founded in 2011, the Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Volunteer Center in Ashkelon is the central address for volunteerism. The Center embodies the values of the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership, with volunteers and professionals from both cities working alongside one another to foster community and mutual support.

Whether you are already planning a trip to Israel, or want to get involved locally, we invite you to learn more by emailing Marisa Obuchowski at about the impact you can make through volunteering with the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership.


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