Care for the Vulnerable

Imagine the future the way it should be

If you had the power to change the world, what would you do with it? Our community has answered that question collectively. We want no one — especially fellow Jews — to live in poverty, or to experience hunger, homelessness, or hopelessness. We want to eradicate abuse and isolation. We want to ensure our children make good decisions and avoid risky behavior. In short, we want to care for the most vulnerable among us, whether in Baltimore, Ashkelon, Odessa or anywhere else around the world.

Your support makes it possible

The good news is that through The Associated, you do have that power. As part of The Associated’s collective action, you provide food, medical care and housing to struggling seniors; cash support to families in times of need; career transition counselling for unemployed professionals; services to people with special needs and much more. Care for the vulnerable is a core Jewish value — one that defines us as a community.


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