Center for Jewish Camping

Jewish camping is one of the three pillars.

Along with day school education and Israel travel, camp strengthens and reinforces Jewish identity. In a move to heighten the importance of Jewish camping in the Baltimore community, The Associated launched the Center for Jewish Camping in July 2013. The Center is the focalpoint of Jewish camp advocacy and activity in the Baltimore Jewish community.

Center for Jewish Camping Mission Statement

Through community outreach education and public awareness, the Center for Jewish Camping engages and inspires the Greater Baltimore Jewish community, in order to maximize the number of children attending Jewish camp, and ensuring a vibrant Jewish future.

Note from the Chairs

Barbara Schlaff, Co-Chair
Stacey Getz, Co-Chair

We know firsthand that camp works, and are thrilled that The Associated has launched The Center for Jewish Camping to promote Jewish camping as a top priority in our community. We know Jewish camp is a fun, positive way to build our Jewish future and our hope is that this new initiative will result in more children attending Jewish camp. We hope that you have a chance to take advantage of the FREE, personalized consultation service provided by our Program Manager, Janna Zuckerman.

Our Committee Members:  Rachael Abrams, Genine M. Fidler, Shelley Fowler, Beth Gansky, Jonah Geller, Jonathan Gerstl, Stacey Getz, Sara Hoffman, Paula Himeles, Cheri Hurwitz, Jonny Lewis, Searle E. Mitnik, Wendy McChesney, Elissa Sachs-Kohen, Susan Sherr-Seitz, Barbara Schlaff, Debbi Weinberg, Ilene Wise, Saadya Zakheim

Janna Zuckerman, Program Manager of Center for Jewish Camping

Contact Janna

Janna provides FREE, personalized guidance to families in the Baltimore community who are considering Jewish day or overnight camp. Interested in a general camp environment? A specialty camp that focuses on the arts, sports or science? Or, a camp that can accomodate special needs? There are many excellent options for your children!

If you're looking for a wonderful Jewish summer experience that is just right for your child, get in touch with Janna through email or by calling 410-369-9237.


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