Philanthropic Planning & Services

Maximize the benefit of your giving

Effective philanthropy doesn’t just happen – it’s intentional. It requires a plan and an experienced partner you can trust. The Associated’s Philanthropic Planning & Services department provides support and advice for structuring your giving in ways that best benefit you, your family and the community. With a donor-advised fund, foundation or endowment, you can make a profound impact on the issues that matter to you now, and leave a legacy that will continue your good work over generations.

Our services

To put your plan into action, our expert staff will provide concierge-level support in helping you build and maintain a strategy for all of your giving. Our professionals will:

  • Help you design a plan that reflects your values and ensures your legacy

  • Work with you and your advisors to devise a charitable giving plan that minimizes your taxes and maximizes philanthropic impact

  • Raise your awareness about needs in the community

  • Guide and advise your giving

  • Design strategies to involve your children and grandchildren in your family’s charitable giving

  • Manage your fund’s investments and maintain all legal and financial documents

Maximize the impact of your giving, today and for future generations

Receive specialized support for your donor-advised funds and supporting foundations

Jill Snyder opened a Donor Advised Philanthropic Fund

Meet Jill Snyder

“We decided to open a donor-advised fund to include our children in our family’s charitable giving process from a young age. We chose The Associated because it shares our values, has a proven track record, provides educational opportunities for its donors and suggests giving opportunities both within and outside of the Jewish community.”


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