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Experience Israel and be forever changed

Travel to Israel is more than a vacation — it’s often a deeply meaningful, personally transformational experience. The teens and young adults who have this experience through The Associated come back with a new or renewed sense of Jewish identity and a passion for Israel and its people. Many teens who have traveled through The Associated say it is the most fun and impactful form of Jewish education they have ever experienced. Plan your teen’s travel with The Associated and have peace of mind knowing that we care for your children like our children.

For young adults — whether travelling for the first time or deepening the connection they made to Israel as a teen — find The Associated’s programs equally transformative. Opportunities to serve, study and work are balanced with social and cultural experiences that make Israel an extension of home.

For Teens

Community Fund for Israel Experiences
The Community Fund for Israel Experiences offers financial assistance to teenagers looking to participate in a high school summer, semester or gap-year program in Israel. The funds are overseen by The Louise D. and Morton J. Macks Center for Jewish Education.

Diller Baltimore Teen Fellows
Diller Baltimore Teen Fellows is a 14-month teen leadership program of Jewish Volunteer Connection (JVC). High school juniors participate in three Shabbatonim (weekend retreats), monthly leadership development seminars and two mifgashim (exchanges) with their Ashkelon teen counterparts. Travel includes a three-week summer seminar in Israel and a 10-day Ashkelon teen exchange program in Baltimore, including weekend retreat.

For Young Adults

Onward Israel 
Develop your professional future and build your resume through a high-level internship that allows you to work with your Israeli peers. During this Tel Aviv-based internship program, you are placed in a work environment based on your skills, interests and future plans. Intern four days a week, and immerse yourself in Israeli society one day a week with a cohort of other young adults from Baltimore. During your free time, explore Tel Aviv’s exciting nightlife, beaches and culture. Also, enjoy a weekend retreat in Baltimore’s sister city, Ashkelon, and connect with Jewish peers from across the globe!

Travel the World with JDC Entwine
Entwine is a one-of-a-kind movement for young Jewish leaders, influencers and advocates who seek to make a meaningful impact on global Jewish needs and international humanitarian issues. Explore diverse global Jewish communities with an inclusive group from Baltimore. Subsidies are available. 

Birthright Israel
Taglit-Birthright Israel provides a gift of first-time, peer-group, educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults, ages 18 to 32, from around the world. We want young Jewish people to go to Israel, see it, experience it, talk about it and think about what Israel means for them and the Jewish people.

Birthright Trips for Young Adults with Special Needs
Taglit-Birthright Israel believes that it is the birthright of every Jewish person to visit Israel. That is why we are committed to ensuring that young Jewish adults with physical or developmental challenges are offered an opportunity to personally explore their Jewish heritage and identity in Israel with their peers.

Masa is a four to 12-month immersive Israel experience program. Jewish adults from Baltimore will participate in Masa’s high-quality, meaningful opportunities to spend extended time in Israel. With financial assistance from The Associated, post high school young adults make valuable professional connections with local business and industry leaders and create a multimedia marketing campaign tailored to meet the needs of the Baltimore Jewish community. 

Evan Wilner

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Evan Willner, our Israel Engagement Associate, will work with you to identify a match between your personal goals and the many programs offered through The Associated. Email him today!


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