Family Philanthropy

Uniting around your family’s values

Donor-advised funds and supporting foundations are as individual and distinct as the people who create them. No two are exactly alike, yet many hold one thing in common: a desire to create interest in philanthropy among their children and grandchildren.

Establishing a fund or foundation gives you a unique and powerful opportunity to transmit your values to the next generation through your giving.

You can establish a donor-advised fund with a minimum contribution of $10,000, and leverage the impact of your giving to the charities and causes you would like to support and manage your philanthropy in an effective and meaningful way. Donors under the age of 40 may open an Impact Fund, which allows you to build your fund with annual contributions of $2,000 or more. After contributing a total of $10,000, you may recommend grants to support causes and organizations that reflect your values and interests


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