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6/18/19: SHEMESH Introduces Social Skills and Academic Readiness Services to Preschools
Aviva Weisbord, executive director of SHEMESH, will never forget the story of a young child in a Jewish preschool, who was biting other children in the class. Read More

6/18/19: The Associated Leads Efforts to Address Anti-Semitism in Maryland
This past year, hate and bias incidents have risen in almost every jurisdiction in Maryland, targeting individuals and facilities, from schools and community centers to places of worship. Read More

6/18/19: Jewish Community Services Adopts Groundbreaking Approach to Financial Independence
Joan Grayson Cohen, executive director of Jewish Community Services, says her staff sees it often – individuals and families caught in a pattern of instability that leaves them in need of financial assistance again and again – despite JCS’ best efforts to teach them how to manage their budget. Read More

6/18/19: Two Historic Organizations to Work Together to Promote Diversity
This spring, for the first time in their 160-year-plus history, two historic Baltimore organizations got together to look at ways to promote diversity and inclusion in the community. Read More

5/8/19: Baltimore Synagogues and The Associated Work For Our Jewish Future Last fall, The Associated convened a synagogue task force to look at ways to leverage the community’s expertise to address the challenges facing Jewish Baltimore. Read More

5/8/19: Security, Hate Crimes and More at Maryland General Assembly The 2019 Maryland General Assembly session ended last month, and thanks to the hard work of the Baltimore Jewish Council, the advocacy arm of The Associated, legislators passed a number of bills in support of the Baltimore Jewish community. Read More

5/8/19: 2020 Community Study Underway to Map Jewish Community’s Future It’s official. This April, The Associated launched the 2020 Greater Baltimore Jewish Community Study, the first look in a decade at the characteristics, attitudes and behaviors of the Baltimore Jewish community. Read More

5/8/19: Israel Fellows Changing Campus Narrative It had only been four months since Shachar Pinsky arrived on Towson University’s campus as its new Jewish Agency Israel Fellow. Hoping to strengthen students’ connections to Israel, and working closely with the campus Hillel, he was beginning to see results. Read More

3/31/19: Israeli Medical Startups in Baltimore to Tap U.S. Market
Fifteen of Israel’s medical device and digital health technology startups are planning to be in Baltimore this May in a highly-selective pilot program to help them gain access to the U.S. market. Read More

3/31/19: CHANA Takes Leadership Role In Eradicating Elder Abuse in Baltimore City
Thanks to a recent grant from the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Violence Against Women, CHANA is now creating a model of collaboration in Baltimore City designed to eradicate elder abuse and provide justice for its victims. Read More

3/31/19: The Associated: Working for Baltimore City's Future
The Associated: Jewish Federation of Baltimore is dedicated to fostering healthy neighborhoods, investing in educational opportunities for the city’s youth and promoting civil discourse. Read More

1/1/19: Lauren Shaivitz and Lisa Budlow Become New Heads of Associated Agencies
It’s only been two months since Lauren Shaivitz and Lisa Budlow took over the helm at CHANA and CHAI, respectfully.Yet already these two dynamic women are making their mark – continuing the legacy of their predecessors while providing their own ideas on how to propel their organizations forward. Read More

1/1/19: Jewish and African-American Teens Work on Social Justice Issues Impacting Baltimore
It wasn’t until Bella Sanders became a Social Justice Teen Fellow, a joint program between the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC) and the Elijah Cummings Youth Program (ECYP), that she became more versed on the topic and determined to showcase to others how difficult it is for many city residents to eat well. Read More

1/1/19: Baltimore Jewish Community Offers a Jewish Approach to End of Life
As individuals face the end of life, it is crucial that they and their families have the physical, emotional and spiritual support they need. Recognizing this – and understanding that Judaism offers its own traditions on dying – The Associated is committed to ensuring that they receive services that are sensitive to Judaism’s beliefs and customs. Read More

12/4/18: Israel Programs are Building Jewish Leaders of Tomorrow
As communities look to engage Jewish young adults while building a pipeline of leaders for the future, they may be able to look no further than immersive Israel experiences as one way to ensure Jewish future. Read More

12/4/18: Keeping Jewish Baltimore Safe
Although last month’s tragic shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh left many Jewish Baltimoreans worried it could happen here, they should be reassured that The Associated continues to make security a number one community priority. Read More 

12/4/18: The Associated Provides Psychological First Aid to Jewish Community
To help the Baltimore Jewish community cope in the wake of a critical incident, The Associated funded the Jewish Community Critical Incident Response Team, spearheaded by Jewish Community Services (JCS), to provide “psychological first aid” in times of crisis. Read More

10/15/18: Steve Fader's Collection Leads to New Associated Campaign Initiative

Little did Fader realize how much he had collected until he became Campaign Chair of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. That’s when he pulled out the 150 pounds of coins totaling approximately $2,500 and recognized that his change could be put to better use. Read More

7/20/2018: The Future of Baltimore's Seniors
As the Baltimore Jewish community ages and life expectancy increases, the number of vulnerable older adults needing services will grow. Read More

7/20/2018: Ensuring Baltimore Jewish Community's Safety
In the wake of rising anti-Semitism and other potential threats, The Associated continues to strengthen security measures to ensure our Jewish organizations and our community remain safe. Read More

7/20/2018: Successful Year for The Associated
When the fiscal year closed on June 30, The Associated raised more than $52 million dollars available for system-wide allocations in Fiscal Year 2019. Read More

6/4/2018: Baltimore Jewish Council Secures Funding for Safer Intersection
The Associated, through the work of the Baltimore Jewish Council (BJC), secured a major win in this year’s legislative session, obtaining funding to help prevent another tragedy like the one that took the life of Neely Snyder nearly three years ago. Read More

6/4/2018: New Approach to Engaging Young Jewish Families
If asked, many of today’s young Jewish families will admit they are shying away from their parents’ brand of Judaism, instead finding meaning in practicing Judaism “their way.” Recognizing that this is a growing trend, the JCC is about to launch a more personalized approach to engagement. Read More

4/13/2018: Baltimore's Jewish Camp Profile Soars
Find out how Baltimore and The Associated are playing a major role in increasing interest in Jewish camp. Read More 

4/13/2018: Men's Mission to Israel
What do surfing, playing lacrosse and picking fruit have in common? Ask the men who recently traveled to Israel on the Young Men’s Mission. Read More

4/13/2018: Baltimore's Disabilities Website Goes National
When the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County embarked on a special needs initiative, its vice president for community planning, Stuart Silver, determined which Jewish communities seemed to be “ahead of the curve.” Read More

2/23/2018: Baltimore Jewish Teens are Creating Innovative Solutions to Social Problems in New 4Front Teen Fellowship
This Fellowship is being offered by 4Front, a brand-new hub for Jewish teen engagement. Housed at the JCC and funded by The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore and the Jim Joseph Foundation, 4Front features community-wide programming for Jewish teens, from sports and arts to advocacy and social entrepreneurship. Read More

2/23/2018: Opioid Epidemic
It’s a simple question. Yet when Elizabeth Piper, health educator for Jewish Community Services (JCS), asks it to a room full of high school students, she is always amazed at the response. Read More

2/23/2018: Jewish Elderly in Former Communist Countries Face Crisis of Survival
For many years they worked. As missile scientists and engineers, teachers, doctors and healthcare workers. Although many enjoyed professional success, they were unable to save much. Yet they believed they could count on their pensions to help them grow old with dignity. Read More

12/21/2017: How CHANA’s Preventative Healthy Relationship Programming Can Make a Difference
In the past month, a day hasn’t gone by without news of sexual assault or harassment allegations made by women, and a few men, who are finally feeling empowered to speak out. Read More

11/13/2017: CHAI Turns Around The Edward A. Myerberg Center
Today, the Edward A. Myerberg Center is coming off a record-breaking year, with fitness revenues up 30 percent and membership in groups such as the Bagel Boys more than doubling. Read More

11/13/2017: Associated Takes Leadership Role: Convenes Community Leaders to Counter Hate and Promote Change
In a year that has seen a rise in hate groups and intolerance, the Baltimore Jewish community has been forced to confront the challenges to our collective safety and security. Read More

10/3/17: Maryland Becoming Cybersecurity Hub
Maryland is becoming a cybersecurity hub and the Maryland/Israel Development Center is playing a pivotal role. Read More

10/3/17: The Future of CJE
Amian Kelemer, Center for Jewish Education’s (CJE) Director and Nate Braverman, CJE Board Chair, Talk About Organization’s Future. Read More

10/3/17: New Solar Farm to Offset Electricity Used by The Associated
Expect The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore to be a little “greener” by 2019 as part of its newest commitment to solar energy. Read more

10/3/17: Baltimore Trip Provides Life-Changing Experience for Latin American Teens
This summer Jewish teens from this South American nation enjoyed a month of hope when they joined their Latin American peers for a Jewish experience in Baltimore, thanks to The Associated. Read More

6/23/17: Transforming Baltimore
Behind the scenes, every day, Associated agencies and volunteers are working to transform the city of Baltimore. Read more 

6/23/17: Helping Israel's Vulnerable Gain Employment Skills
It was only a few years ago when Amram Lider, an Israeli Haredi struggled to make a living as a factory worker in Kiryat Gat. Read more 

5/1/17: Kolker Fellow Compares Jewish Baltimore to Europe
When Marcelo Dimenstein arrived in Baltimore as the Kolker Fellow, what he knew about the city came from watching The Wire. Read More

5/1/17: CHAI's Seniors Test Technologies for National Organizations
National organizations such as AARP are tapping the insights of seniors living in CHAI's communities to determine how technologies may help older adults live more productive lives. Read More

3/3/17: New Teen Initiative Launches
This March, the Baltimore Jewish community is set to officially launch 4Front, its most comprehensive teen initiative to date. Read More

3/3/17: Interfaith Students Explore Israel
Debbie Pine has led numerous Birthright trips to Israel but in some ways her most recent student-led trip was the most powerful. Read More. 

1/23/17: Building Trust Among Interfaith and Interethnic Communities
This summer, the Baltimore Jewish Council will be bringing its expertise on social justice and civil rights to the national stage. Read more 

12/8/16: Raising Resilient Children
All parents want to do whatever it takes to help their children succeed. But when is it time to step back and let them learn from their own experiences and mistakes? Read more

9/9/16: Parent Program Addresses Anti-Israel Sentiment on Campus
In the face of growing anti-Israel sentiment on college campuses, The Associated is taking a lead in educating our community. Read more

9/6/16: Prime Location for Maryland Hillel at College Park
The largest Hillel in the country? That’s exactly what’s in the plans for Maryland Hillel at College Park in order to meet the needs of its growing student community. Read more

4/25/16: Odessa/Ashkelon Partnership Mission Brings Change
It was the first time since 2013 that The Associated traveled to Odessa, Ukraine and it was part of a larger mission – that also included experiences in Ashkelon and Jerusalem with the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership. Read more

4/19/16: Helping Baltimore's Synagogues Become More Relevant
As synagogues and Jewish institutions face challenges on how to engage community members in meaningful ways, they are seeking new outreach approaches. Read more

2/22/16: Art Bridges Inter-Ethnic Differences
This April, Jewish and African-American teens will unveil their first project in CHAI neighborhoods: a powerful community mural, conceptualized and painted by Jewish, African-American and Hispanic middle school boys. Read more

1/12/16: Israel High
To counteract growing anti-Israeli rhetoric on a number of college campuses, The Macks Center for Jewish Education has introduced the Israel High Leadership program to arm public and private high school students with the facts. Read more

8/24/15: The ABCs of BDS
Learn everything you need to know about the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) Movement. Read more

2/2/15: Transitioning Your Special Needs Child: Four Areas to Consider
As children with disabilities enter their teen years, parents need to begin to plan for the future. Figuring out next steps, from where they might work to where they will live, takes careful planning, due diligence and an understanding of Maryland disability laws. The Baltimore Jewish Abilities Alliance (BJAA) is an excellent resource, offering various workshops and providing a checklist of what to think about during the transition process. Read more

1/21/15: Stereotypes Disappear As One Baltimore Community Talks
During the past six months, racial tensions have flared across the country, demonstrating deep divides between ethnic groups. Yet in a small pocket in Northwest Baltimore, one community is working hard to bridge these divides and promote positive relationships between community members. Read more

11/11/14: A Place for Friendships, Traditions and Fun!
Jewish camp provides unparalleled opportunities to make long-term friendships with Jewish peers from around the region and the globe. And even though the campers may go back to their hometowns during the school year, it doesn't mean they don't remain in touch. 
Read more

11/11/14: What Is Elder Abuse?
As our parents age and begin to face medical issues, caregivers, paid and family members, often become an important part of their lives, assisting with everything from food shopping to medication administration. Unfortunately, sometimes this dependency can leave our parents vulnerable to abuse. Read more


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