Baltimore Jewish Community

We are one people in many places.

Underlying our commitment to the global Jewish community is the desire to nurture and grow our sense of Jewish identity here at home. More than 250 volunteers from the area serve on committees that affect our global community. Through their efforts, we fund innovative programs that create and deepen dedication to Israel and Jewish populations around the world. Our committees work to develop strategies and initiatives that connect individuals and families in Baltimore’s Jewish community to Israel and its people. We’ve made it possible for more than 1,000 Baltimoreans to travel and get involved with Jews overseas.

At the same time, we work to bring a bit of Israel to Baltimore through programs like the Israel Campus Fellows, which places young Israelis at local colleges to create an ongoing Israeli presence, and Shinshinim (Young Emissaries), which places Israeli high school graduates into year-long volunteerism and service programs in the Baltimore area. We also promote mutual trade and investment through the Maryland/Israel Development Center. Its work benefits both our local economies and strengthens the Baltimore Jewish community’s ties to the larger world of Jewish life.

The Pillars of our Israel and Overseas work include:

  • The Global Responsibility Committee seeks opportunities to demonstrate global responsibility by funding projects that align with The Associated’s mission & priorities, as well as works with overseas partners to learn about key issues facing the global community.
  • The Baltimore Connections Strategy Group ensures strong people-to-people connections between Jews in Israel and Overseas and our Baltimore community through programs here in Baltimore that connect our community with global Jewry, including the Baltimore-Ashkelon Partnership and Baltimore-Odessa Partnership.
  • The Israel Experience Center ensures there are significant opportunities for the community to become more educated about Israel, as well ensures opportunities for travel for all demographics.


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