Invest in Jewish Future

Building the Jewish soul of our children

Investing in our youngest ensures that the values that make Jewish Baltimore strong and vibrant today will be just as strong tomorrow. Our teens and children will be making the decisions that shape the community in the next generation. Instilling a strong sense of Jewish identity into our youth is how we safeguard the importance and distinctiveness of what it means to be Jewish in Baltimore.

Supporting Jewish education and cultural programs are critical priorities for The Associated. Together, we enable hundreds of children to attend innovative day schools and to have the summer camp experiences that make Jewish life relevant and meaningful to them. At the same time, these programs help prepare our children for a lifetime of community and civic engagement.

Mentoring teen leaders

Our six major teen leadership training programs are designed to equip young people for success. By volunteering at home or serving in Israel or the Ukraine, they grow their ability to cast a vision for the future, develop the relationships that deepen their sense of belonging and hone their skills at work together to make good community decisions – all within a Jewish context.

Check out the teen leadership programs


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