Jewish Women's Giving Foundation

Have a direct and profound effect on issues that matter to you

How can one woman — you, perhaps — change the lives of other women and girls? How is it that your one gift can help fight domestic violence, improve women’s health and nutrition, provide shelter to vulnerable girls and protect at-risk seniors with nowhere else to turn? It’s through the power of collective philanthropy. You can do all of that and more by coming together with the inspiring, intelligent and caring women of the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation of Baltimore (JWGF).

JWGF is a giving circle that empowers women as funders, decision makers and agents of change. Each of us contributes the same amount to our fund and each has an equal voice in directing our grant making. The giving circle model multiplies our individual actions, creating tremendous collective impact. Your $1,000 gift could become $100,000 or more. Over the years, we have distributed more than $1 million in grants to nonprofits that help women and girls of all faiths and backgrounds live safer, healthier and more meaningful lives.

Since our inception, we have given through both a Jewish and gender lens and our work has honored the tradition of tzedekah (philanthropic giving) and tikkun olam (improving the world). These Jewish values provide the foundation for our work. Read More

For more information, please contact Jennifer Mendelsohn Millman at or 410-369-9205.

2019 Grant Recipients

The Power of Your Dollar

It doesn't take a lot of money to be a philanthropist and to try to change the world. This is an opportunity for leverage where you can join with other women. If you can leverage and band together with other people, you can make a significant gift. – Rosalee Davison, Lifetime Member since 2003


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