Leadership Opportunities

Investing in a better community for us all

Every donor and volunteer we work with, every program we fund, every committee and task force we convene, every study we undertake — is for the purpose of building our community. Even the work we do overseas strengthens the local Jewish community in Baltimore.

The Associated is the central point around which Jews of all ages, backgrounds come together to support and strengthen each other’s Jewish journey. We are the place where you can put your concern for the community into action in hundreds of ways: from hands-on volunteering at one of our agencies or programs, joining an issue-specific task force, or stepping into a planning role as a lay leader. However you choose to participate, The Associated amplifies your voice, and joins it with thousands of others into a powerful and influential force in shaping Baltimore’s future.

Community doesn’t just happen – it has to be created

Without our dedicated volunteers, our important work performed by our agencies and programs would not be possible. This is why we recognize up and coming leaders for their commitment to the Annual Campaign and support for the Baltimore Jewish community. We honor these young adults with several awards. Learn more

Leadership training is community building

By developing or sharpening your leadership skills through The Associated, you are making an investment in yourself and in the community — one that could bring returns for a long time. You’ll take the experience back to your workplace, synagogue or other organizations which make an impact on the community. We offer leadership development opportunities for everyone, with dedicated programs for women and teens. Learn more


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