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The Associated’s Leadership Training Resource Library equips you with the skills and education that will make you a more effective leader. This page is supported by professionals and resources from CCEL (The Center for Community Engagement and Leadership), ACHARAI and DFI

The Associated's Center for Community Engagement and Leadership

Maximizing Board Effectiveness

Are you wondering what resources you need to maximize your Board or Committee to its greatest potential? In this section you will be given the tools you need to create an effective, working group. You will learn how to plan a Board retreat, create a Board Development Mentor program, understand effective Committee work, set goals for your Board, and evaluate your Board through a mid-year assessment and end-of-year evaluation.

New to a Board? Helpful Tips for Every New Board Member

Planning a Board Retreat 
Board Development Mentor Program
Guide for Facilitators – Principles of Effective Committee work
Principles of Effective Committee Work Module 
Setting Goals, Mid-Year Assessment, & Reflection for Board and Committees

Board of Directors Role

Board Chair Role

Executive Committee Description

Governance Committee Description

Audit Committee Role

Budget/Finance Committee Description

Investment Committee Description
Mentoring Future Leaders

The Associated's Center for Community Engagement and Leadership

Board/Board Member Assessment

Feedback is an integral part of Judaism evident in the creation of the world in Genesis. In the days of creation, there is an order by which items are created: word, action, evaluation. The phrase  “vayar Elokim ki tov (and G-d saw that it was good)” is repeated  after each act of creation. After each species or group that G-d created, G-d saw “that it was good.” G-d models for us the importance of taking a step back and asking for feedback. In this section, you will find materials that detail the benefits of a Board/Board Member assessment and  will be  provided  with  example assessments that you can use when evaluating your Boards and Board Members. Additionally, use the mid-year check-in and transition  interview sample questions  with your Board Members to make sure they are benefiting from their experiences.

Benefits of Board Self-Assessment
Example of Board/Board Member Assessment
Mid-Year Check In Sample Questions
Transition Interview Sample Questions

The Associated's Center for Community Engagement and Leadership


Shulchan Aruch, YD 249:7 “If a person convinces another person to give, their reward is greater than when they give on their own.” We know our agencies and organizations rely heavily on financial resources to accomplish the remarkable work that they do. This is one of the many reasons that fundraising is an essential and crucial component of a professional and lay leader’s portfolio. In this section, you will be given resources and tools that will make it easy for you to solicit donations in-person or over the phone in a meaningful and impactful way.

Guide for Facilitators – Making your Case for Giving
Making your Case for Giving Module
Guide for Facilitators – The Gift of Asking
The Gift of Asking Module

The Associated's Center for Community Engagement and Leadership

Meeting Engagement

Have you ever been sitting in a boring, unorganized, or chaotic meeting? Chances are you wondering why you spent your valuable time attending. On the flip side, have you ever been to a meeting that made you feel motivated, excited, or inspired? In this section, you will find resources and tools that will make your meetings engaging and exciting! Starting your meeting with a leadership ice-breaker, D’var Torah, or inspiring story and/or quote will immediately help to engage your participants and create an environment that builds trusting relationships.

Leadership Ice-Breakers
Jewish Values & Ethics
Helpful books and Online Resources
Tips on Preparing & Delivering a D’var Torah
Example Divrei Torah
Management & Engagement Tools

The Associated's Center for Community Engagement and Leadership

Navigating the Lay Pro Relationship

The strongest partners commit to a shared vision, partnership and effective working relationship. In this section, you will be given the resources and tools to work side-by-side with your professional and/or lay counterpart by communicating effectively, respecting each other, and creating a “Brit Kodesh” (Sacred Partnership).

Overview: The Lay/Pro Relationship
Navigating the Lay/Pro Module 
Using Effective Communication to Manage Conflict

The Associated's Center for Community Engagement and Leadership

Nomination and Succession Planning

The selection, training, and transition of leadership are deeply rooted in our Jewish tradition. A common theme throughout the Tanach (Bible) is the challenge of finding, sustaining, and replacing good leaders. The nomination and selection process can be exciting and rewarding to those that are looking forward to taking on a leadership position, but others can be hesitant or uncertain of the challenges it may bring. In this section, you will find resources, tools, and examples of ways to handle the Nomination and Selection process.

Guide to the Nomination & Selection Process 
Creating a Process of Succession Planning for Lay leaders Module
Example of Succession Plan Policy for CEO

The Associated's Center for Community Engagement and Leadership

Thank you to the following community leaders, professionals, and organizations for sharing their experience and insight:

Leah Berry, Dr. Erica Brown, Melissa Cordish, Renee Dain, Beth Gansky, Cindy Goldstein, Cass Gottlieb, Dan Hirschhorn, Erica Hobby, Allison Magat, Shelly Malis, Jill Max, Robert Paymer, Nancy Kohn Rabin, Lee Sherman, Rae Ringel, Howard Sobkov, Debs Weinberg, ACHARAI: The Shoshana S. Cardin Leadership Development Institute, AJFCA: Association of Jewish Family & Children’s Agencies, BoardSource, Business Health Services, DFI: The Darrell D. Friedman Institute - for Professional Development at the Weinberg Center, CCEL (The Center for Community Engagement and Leadership), JCCA: Jewish Community Center Association, The Associated’s Agency Excellence Committee and The Ringel Group.


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