From The President's Desk

October 29th was Super Sunday in Jewish Baltimore where hundreds of volunteers connected with community members, friends and family in support of the work of The Associated.

If you were in attendance that day, you would have witnessed the vibrancy of our community. In the end, hundreds of gifts were realized and over $1.2 million raised.

The numbers are indeed impressive, but we recognize our true strength lies in a community which comes together to contribute time, resources, and money in support of our important mission.

Our Annual Campaign, which began in September and closes the end of June, mirrors our fiscal year. The correlation between fund raising and fund spending Is in tune with our discipline - that we don’t spend what we don’t have. Our collective action today is a determinant of our ability to provide services tomorrow. Our expanse and reach are wide, providing services to the elderly, supporting the vulnerable, energizing our youth and advocating for Israel.

This past month alone, through our collective efforts…

  • Over 160 clients were seen for supportive services…some elderly, some youth at risk, but all were fellow community members that needed help from us.
  • 53 clients who were either unemployed or underemployed were empowered and supported by our system.
  • 27 families were engaged in Jewish experiential programming designed to cement connection with future generations and Jewish life all while working in tandem with our synagogue partners.
  • 94 Jewish college students from Baltimore, signed up for Birthright Israel, a 10-day experience where young adults of Jewish heritage can go and connect with the State of Israel.

In addition, I’d like to share two other items of note during this past month.

Due to the current political and economic crisis among the Venezuelan Jewish community, more than 700 families living in Caracas rely on the support of community charities. The Associated has worked with our international partners in Venezuela to make sure that we have a plan to support our fellow Jews – all part of our mission and reach.

Also, this month, we have worked with the State of Maryland and Governor Hogan who signed an executive order into law stating that no State of Maryland supported company can do business with any entity that decries Israel’s right to exist and tries to delegitimize Israel.

That’s just a snap shot of what we were involved with during the month of October. Our dedicated staff and volunteer leadership have done an incredible job working towards meeting the needs of our community, both locally and overseas and your contribution to our Annual Campaign helps make that possible. One gift, with many outputs...investing in our present and our future.

If you made a gift, thank you. If you haven’t, please consider making your gift at an increased level. I thank you for your support of the 2018 Annual Campaign. Together, we make miracles possible.


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